Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup

Time flies in startup world.  We're already halfway into the summer and one team has quit, another lost a
founder, and one has already received offers for funding. The pressure is on to keep things moving and gain
traction.  T...

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What happens when Homeland Security
funds your startup

In June, I began an exciting summer project.  The Dallas-based technology accelerator, Tech Wildcatters, chose our team to
be one of 6 companies in the EMERGE program.  This program, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (...

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The Birth of a New

Last month, amidst the swirl of daily world news, photographs surfaced of a new island formed in the
Pacific Ocean.  How often do we see the discovery of an island?  Is this a once in a
lifetime thing – something like Halley's Com...

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Dallas – Once Ground Zero
for Ebola

On October 1st, when the CDC confirmed that a patient in Dallas had the Ebola Virus, all eyes
were on Texas, USA.   I remember the slight state of panic that ensued.  Prevention mode was on –
hand sanitizer at the gym, people...

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Love Park Robotics:
Rolling toward Commercialization

Can a research-heavy startup really succeed in the market?
By Lance Manning

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